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SheSails is an Australia-wide initiative that aims to:

  • promote and celebrate women and girls' participation in the sport of sailing
  • provide new and existing female sailors with the opportunity to enjoy activities at their local sailing club with like-minded people
  • provide clubs with visual materials and case studies to help grow female participation in recreational and competitive sailing, and

  • develop a platform to feature female-focused events and programs across the country.


Women's Sailing at the GRYC

In 2018, the Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club set aside a race in the Winter Series as a dedicated women’s helm race, and created coaching and practice sessions to ensure participants would have the experience and confidence to participate.  Since then, the women’s sailing program has continued to grow with increasing participation and a range of formal and informal training opportunities. Beginning with the 2020-2021 season, the women's helm race has expanded into a four race series held as part of the club's summer twilight racing season. 

This growth has culminated in the creation in May 2021 of a SheSails sub-committee chaired by past Commodore Louise Edwards. The SheSails sub-committee will promote women's sailing within the GRYC by:

  • providing advice to the GRYC General Committee on training, racing, cruising and other activities to increase women’s participation in sailing and on-water activities and increase the proportion of women members
  • contributing to the coordination, organisation, implementation and promotion of programmed activities aimed at increasing women’s participation in sailing and on-water activities
  • providing a support and mentoring network for women members, and
  • contributing to GRYC planning relevant to women and girls’ involvement in sailing and on-water activities, including infrastructure and asset development


GRYC SheSails Launch Day

On Saturday 25th September 2021, the Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club formally launched its inaugural SheSails Program.

A cool day greeted organisers as they made the final arrangements, but most importantly, a gentle to moderate breeze was promising perfect conditions for the day's Come and Try component.

Attendees, both local to the Fleurieu and from Adelaide, were greeted by the club’s SheSails Committee members and invited to socialise over morning tea before the formalities of the day began.  Convenor Louise Edwards welcomed all to the day and Commodore Randal Cooper encouraged attendees to give sailing a go, observing that sailing is one of the few sports where women and men compete equally.  Following an information session on the program and the formal training opportunities available through the club’s Discover Sailing Centre, everyone was invited out to watch a demonstration of Team Sailing by students of the local Investigator College.

Then it was onto Come and Try Sailing with a choice of small and large trailable yachts, a vintage yacht, Sabre dinghies and safety boats.  After boat familiarisation and safety briefings everyone headed out onto the South Lake in front of the Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club.  Windward and leeward buoys were set to provide a simple course to follow and conditions were perfect for all to try out the various roles on yachts. The dinghy sailors had a ball and some participants got to practice on the safety boats.  The club received positive feedback from all who attended, one sailor mentioned “it was a very well-run event, and welcoming to beginners of all ages and abilities”.

Back at the Club a light lunch was available and SheSails Committee members spent time one on one with attendees to answer questions and encourage them to pre-register for programmed events.

Want to know more and get involved?

Please continue to explore this website for more information about the Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club.

The club program (which includes the 2021-2022 Women's Helm Series dates) may be found here.

Contact and location information for the club may be found here. The SheSails co-ordinator may also be contacted directly at


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