Finnis River - Wally's Landing

The sail up the Finnis River is about as long as the sail to the entrance of the river from Goolwa. Allow about 2 hours in a nice breeze plus half an hour motoring to get to the destination. (You can sail all the way if the wind is right and you are not faint of heart.) Sail as to Clayton and just before Clayton turn to port into the Finnis River across the wide entrance. The entrance is close to a km wide, but is very shallow and you will need to raise your centreboard some to escape grounding. However, there is a deeper channel from Clayton proper. Pass the last red channel marker into Red Top Bay and immediately turn to port and exit out of the bay keeping the shore to starboard and only about 30m away. Once into the Finnis River proper you can expect about 1.2m of water but it is generally acknowledged that it is best to keep to the centre of the river. The wide part of the Finnis eventually stops and is blocked by what appears to be impenetrable reeds. However on the port side of the reeds will be found a small opening into the Finnis channel which is about 20m wide. (Which is now marked with a red channel marker - so much easier to find!) This channel winds its way for about 3km to Wally’s Landing. At the landing are 3 jetties and a small shelter shed with a firepit and some concrete block seats. To make the most of the landing you would need to bring a BBQ plate, wood, chairs and some bricks. For those that are so inclined you can ring the nearby Currency Creek Winery and they will pick you up from the landing and return you after dinner in their restaurant. Book and check in advance. This is a delightful destination and protected from everything!