View the Program on a Mobile Device

The GRYC program may be accessed from your mobile device using its Calendar app. This page provides a guide to setting up your mobile device to view the GRYC program. You may find the first few steps are best done on a personal computer, but should also be able to be completed using the Internet browser of your phone or tablet.


Step 1:  Do you have a Google account?

You would have one if you have a Google calendar already set up, or a 'Gmail' e-mail address, or have an Android phone. If so, please proceed to Step 2.

If you do not have a Google account, open your Internet browser and go to the Google sign up page and create a Google account. This will create a Gmail e-mail address/password used to log into all things Google.


Step 2:  In an existing or the newly created Google account, do you have an existing calendar?

If yes, use your Internet browser to login into Google calendar if you have not already done so.

If no, then just visit the Google Calendar homepage, enter your Google Account email and password, and click Sign in.

This should now display a blank calendar, possibly with holidays on it, otherwise empty.  Optionally, you may create a specific calendar for yourself by clicking on the pull-down button next to the 'My Calendars' heading on the left of the page.  Select Create calendar and follow the prompts.

Step 3: Add the GRYC calendar to your calendar.

The GRYC calendar has been set up to be sharable. To view it from within your Google calendar, click on the + button next to the 'Other Calendars' item displayed on the left of the calendar (this button will display 'Add another calendar' as your mouse hovers over it). Select 'Subscribe to calendar' from the options that are displayed.

In the dialog box that pops up add the email address of the GRYC calendar and press the Enter button on your keyboard.

The GRYC programmed events should now appear within your calendar.

If you are an Android phone user, please proceed to Step 5.


Step 4: For members looking to view the club program on their Apple mobile device.

This step solves the problem of members using Apple mobile devices being unable to view the club calendar.

By default, Apple mobile devices only sync to the main calendar of a Google account and not to any shared calendars (such as the GRYC calendar) associated with that Google account.

There does not appear to be an obvious way in any of the browser based calendar pages or inside Apple's calendar app to force the syncing of shared calendars. But there is a hidden way to do so.

Click on this link If necessary, login to your Google account. You should then see a screen headed Google Calendar Sync Settings. It will list your Google Account calendar with a greyed out check box to its left (your main calendar is always being synced) and a list of shared calendars. One of these should be "GRYC Club Program (Read Only)". Select this by clicking on the check box to its left. You may not need the "Holidays in Australia" calendar as Apple probably already populates your Apple device with public holidays.

On the very far right there is a Save button. Click on this and a new screen should inform you that you sync settings have been saved.

Congratulations, you have now completed the critical but obscure step to force the syncing of a shared Google calendar to an Apple device.


Step 5: Viewing the calendar on your personal computer.

Should you wish to view the calendar on your personal computer in future, then you need to be logged into Google.  Open your Internet browser and go to either:

  • and sign in.  Select the calendar option from the list of apps on the page - click on the 3x3 square icon and select calendar.


Step 6: Viewing the GRYC program in the Calendar app of your mobile device.

Step 6a: For Android smartphone or tablet.

If you have the Google account registered in your phone and have already set up calendar syncing for that account, it will automatically display the GRYC programmed events in its calendar app. Simply find your Calendar app and open it. Give it a moment to update and the GRYC programmed events should be visible.

If you do not have the Google account on your phone, add it by going to Settings, then select the Accounts (or Users and Accounts) menu. Locate the Add account option. Select Google and sign in using your Gmail address and password. If required, ensure syncing of the calendar is selected. Note that each Android phone manufacturer lays out the Settings menu in their own way so, if necessary, find the equivalent Settings option on your particular phone. Now find your calendar app and open it. After a few moments your calendar app should sync to this new Google account and display the GRYC programmed events.

Step 6b: For Apple phone or iPad.

This guide assumes you are using the default Calendar app that ships with your Apple device. If you use a third party calendar app, you will need to work out what that app requires in the way of set up. It probably has a listing within the Settings app and you would perform similar steps to what is detailed here.

First, open the Settings app on your Apple device.

Scroll down the menu selection on the left of the screen until you see Calendar (probably sitting with Contacts above it and Notes below it). Click on Calendar. Don't use the Google Calendar option further down the menu options if this happens to be visible on your device.

Click on Accounts. This will take you to an Accounts listing. If you already have emails associated with your Google account syncing to the Apple device, the Accounts list should aleady show Gmail as one of the added accounts. If so, click on Gmail and confirm the Calendar option is active.

Should you not already have your Google account synced to your Apple device, there will also be an Add Account option on the Accounts listing screen. Click on this. A list of email service providers then appears. Click on Google. Accept the next prompt to use Now enter your Google account email address and password and follow the prompts. Make sure you select to sync the Calendar.

This should now set up your Google Account on your Apple device. The Accounts page should now display Gmail as well as iCloud. Click on Gmail and confirm the Calendar button is set to on.

Open Apple's Calendar app and give it a few moments to sync to your Google account. The club program should now be visible in the Calendar app. Congratulations.


There are numerous YouTube videos to assist with the above processes if you get stuck. They should cover most steps except, probably, Step 4.