Calendar on smartphone

The first section is best done on a computer

Q1  Do you have a Google account?  You would have one if you have a Google calendar already set up or a 'gmail' e-mail addresss or have an android phone linked to a google account.

A1 No Google account - Go to the Google sign up page on your PC and create a Google account.  This will create a gmail e-mail address/password used to log into all things Google and its free!

Q2  In an existing or the newly created Google account do you have an existing calendar?

A1 No Calendar then just visit the Google Calendar homepage, enter your Google Account email and password, and click Sign in. That's it!

This should now display a blank calendar possibly with holidays on it otherwise empty.  You may create a specific calendar for yourself by clicking on the pull-down button next to the 'My Calendars' heading on the left of the page.  Select Create calendar and follow the prompts.

To add the GRYC calendar to your calendar, click on the pull-down button next to the 'Other Calendars' heading and select 'Add a friend's calendar'.  In the dialog box that pops up add the email address of the GRYC calendar - - and press the 'add calendar' button.  The GRYC calendar events should now appear on your calendar.

This section is on the smartphone

To enable the calendar to be viewed in the android smartphone find a calendar app on your phone and open it.  If you have the Google account registered in your phone it will automatically display the calendar and by default automatically update changes made to the GRYC or your calendar either on your phone or on your pc.  If you do not have the Google account on your phone then add it by going to settings, accounts menus and select Google and sign in using your gmail address and password.

Should you wish to view the calendar on your pc in future then you need to be logged into google on the pc.  Go to and sign in.  Select the calendar option from the list of apps on the page - click on the 3x3 square icon and select calendar.

There are numerous u-tube videos to assist with this process if you get stuck - good luck