Deep Creek

Deep creek is on the eastern side of Hindmarsh Island and is a fantastic 'Hurricane Hole' if you get caught out on the lake and need somewhere to run to. However, it also requires local knowledge for safe access.

And we have just done just that! 39 knots from the West and one long tack from the middle of the lake straight into Deep Creek. Put 2 poorly crew to bed for a couple of hours, and then motored to Clayton in 38 knots. Deep Creek was very cosy (and still and flat). P.S. the lake was like a washing machine - I have a big, heavy boat and it was verging on 'exciting'...

The entrance is almost impossible to see in the late afternoon on a sunny day as the approach is to the West into the setting sun, so some suggested GPS points are provided below.

Due to the extensive shallow water as shown in the picture below the approach is made by passing channel marker 93 to starboard (heading South) and then turning to starboard towards the creek. There is a pole marking the outside of the creek (and some more shallow water) and a direct transit between the two markers keeping the entrance pole to port will allow a safe entry into the creek.

For deeper keeled boats travel a couple of hundred metres South of channel marker 93 before making the starboard turn directly West (line up the white pole and the entrance as shown in the picture below). The reason for this is that there is shallow water of about 1000mm depth around channel marker 93 for a couple of hundred metres towards the entrance to the creek.

 Once inside the entrance the creek splits into two branches both of which are only navigable for a couple of hundred metres. The starboard branch has a number of poles that would enable a whole flotilla to moor up in complete safety.



Suggested GPS coordinates:

Channel marker 93             S 035 32.462    E 139 01.341

Deep keel turning point       S 035 32.729    E 139 01.383

White pole                         S 035 32.749    E 139 00.778

Anchorage poles                S 035 32.801    E 139 00.467