Boggy Lake

Boggy Lake is a safe and pretty destination. To the North towers Mt. Barker and to the South is a confusing archipelago of reedy islands reminiscent of the Narrows at Narrung. The lake itself is a protected piece of water similar in size to the Goolwa pool outside the yacht club. The suggested anchorage is about 500m from the shore where the Strathalbyn - Wellington Road passes quite close. There is nothing at this destination except water, sky, reeds, birds and solitude (and a few trucks on the road in the distance...)

To use the destination either nose into the reeds or anchor off the reeds in 2m of water (2m right up to the edge of the reeds ). The anchorage is most exposed from the West and one can expect a 30cm swell in 20 knots of wind.

Be warned though it is a long sail - about the same as to Pomanda Point. Do not leave your departure time too late - we spent all day tacking back and forth across the lake (in 22 knots) into the normal SW breeze which is just where you need to go to get off the lake and back to Goolwa. (We thought we were going to visit both Pomanda Point and Milang trying to get off the lake, but it wasn't really that bad...)

Here are some facts and figures...

The entrance to the lake is narrow and the bathymetry chartlet below doesn't lie. You can expect 2m of water in the entrance and the lake itself, but keep to the shore  rather than the reedy island when entering the lake. The shallow water extends much further along the shore and into the lake than the first reedy island, and a suggested turning point for deep draft vessels is provided below.

You can expect 3m of water to within 500m of the shore all the way from Boggy Lake to Pomanda Point. Not so reliable in the other direction.

Also there is a lonely pole out there within a km or so of the anchorage, but not directly in the approach path from Goolwa - just so you know its there...


              Turning point for deep draft vessels:    S 35.19.598   E 139.14.132

              Suggested anchorage                  :    S 35.19.181   E 139.12.395


Boggy Lake aerial picture

Boggy Lake Bathymetry

Boggy Lake from the anchorage looking East