Godfry's Landing

This is one of the standout destinations from Goolwa, picturesque, safe and uninhabited. It is typical of the Coorong, although the inclusion of a toilet is a great nod to civilisation. This particular area is a designated speed-boat area and is crowded during the day in summer, but by late afternoon all the speed-boats go home and it quietens down. You can spend a peaceful evening and night nestled under the Sandhill’s of the national park. Whilst you can anchor anywhere along this stretch of water, there are a few poles around the landing that will make it safe for even the largest boats.

 This area is a National Park and as such comes with the usual park rules, the most important of which are a fee is due even if you are sleeping on your boat and no fires (even below high tide mark).

 Getting to the landing is pretty exciting as well. After leaving Goolwa you need to pass through the lock of the Goolwa Barrage and transit from fresh to salt water. Then after a small sail you cross the mouth of the River Murray, somehow work out amongst the shifting sands where the deepest channel is into the Coorong and sail down to the landing. Be warned there is no distinct or reliable channel and it is most likely that any deep draft vessel will not be able to make it to the destination (this note as at 2014).

 The Coorong is tidal although the rise and fall is usually less than a metre, so moor appropriately if you don’t have a flat bottomed boat.