Wellington is a full day’s sail from Goolwa including a crossing of Lake Alexandrina. You will be crossing unprotected waters and will need flares and PFD1’s amongst other mandatory requirements. Sail from Goolwa upstream past Clayton and out onto the lake, then cross the lake and re-enter the river system at Pomanda Point. Pick up the channel markers again until in the river proper and sail or motor the last few kilometres to Wellington. Watch out for the numerous fishing nets set across the sides of the navigable channel and along the sides of the river proper. These are marked by a string of small floats, possibly with a small flag or a bigger float at either end of the net.

 While crossing the lake you are never out of sight of land in one direction or another, and it is fairly easy to navigate using the available landmarks of Pt Sturt, the lighthouse at Narrung, Mt. Barker to the north and Pomanda Point on the Wellington side of the lake. However it is easier to simply lay the compass line of 60 degrees magnetic.

 Upon reaching Wellington and as you pass the ferry you will notice a small jetty to port below the Wellington pub. You can tie up there or nose into the grassy banks either side - there are some poles to tie to and there is a path up to the pub for a meal and a drink. Also you can stay the night here. N.B. This jetty is quite busy in summer as Wellington is a popular speed-boat holiday destination.

You can tie up to the shore anywhere, but someone’s back garden might attract unwanted attention. However, there are plenty of trees that are not back garden. The only downside of this is that depending on wind direction and speed-boat numbers you may not have flat water. A more sensible idea is to enter the Wellington marina and tie up to the jetty to be found there. At the time of writing the jetty complex appears to be abandoned, and the little shop closed which may make this a free destination. Otherwise if it is up and running a fee will need to be paid and there are toilets and showers available. It is a short walk and a ferry ride to the pub for a meal. (As of 2020 don't use this jetty as apparently it is a 'building site' and not to be used.)