The little township of Clayton Bay is the first town upstream from Goolwa and is generally about a 1 ½ hour sail. After leaving Goolwa simply stay in the channel marked by the channel markers for a pleasant sail sometimes less than 50m from the shore. As you pass upstream there are at first the various marinas and jetties of Goolwa and then the numerous holiday homes on Hindmarsh Island which finally peter out to picturesque farming land.

 Clayton Bay township forms two arms around Red Top Bay (now renamed Clayton Bay) which is picture postcard perfect and a safe dinghy and canoeing holiday area. There is a general store and restaurant selling limited goods including hot food and alcohol.

 Red Top Bay (Clayton bay) is completely flat and about 1.2m deep with the last 100m rising gently to the banks. The most inner part of the bay is protected by a reef and boaties are reminded to go no further into the bay than the marina. The marina belongs to the Clayton Bay Boat Club which welcomes visiting boaties, and will always open the ‘Sand Bar’ for a drink as long as there is at least one member on site!

 There are public toilets and a great free BBQ and picnic facility overlooking the bay, with enough seating for 8 families.

 There are at least 4 safe destinations at Clayton, not to mention just simply anchoring in Red Top Bay  (Clayton Bay) (don’t forget to set a riding light).

 Opposite Red Top Bay (Clayton Bay) nestled under Hindmarsh Island is a little bay with plenty of water and is a safe and private place to anchor.

 The most obvious place is the town jetty. The nearby water was dredged during the drought and there is now deep water and no obstructions on both sides of the jetty.

 The CBBC marina can be used by visiting boaties for an overnight stay only. It was also dredged in the inner part, and all the outer berths and walls are shallow, although still deep enough for a trailer-sailer.

 And lastly upstream about a km from the town jetty is a little creek (known as Snug cove) that opens into Dunns Logoon. There is a small jetty complex at the mouth of the creek that is for the use of visiting boaties. Again it is an overnight stay only. You have access to Clayton from the jetty and it is about a 15 minute walk back to the town shop and the CBBC.