Boundary Creek

This is a narrow creek running virtually North South and is entered from the southern side of Rat Island. It is only a few hundred metres from Holmes Creek. The creek itself is deep and protected by reeds on both sides with no access to land. To spend the night either nose into the reed beds and tie up to the reeds or set an anchor in the channel proper.

Local knowledge is required to enter the creek. A single cardinal marker protects the entrance and is placed slightly to the starboard side facing the creek. There is usually a small buoy placed closer to the entrance and more toward the middle to Port side of the entrance. The reason for this is that the buoy marks a substantial submerged stake that just rises above the surface. The entrance comes into the creek from the North East and both the cardinal marker and the small buoy should be passed to port, although there is about a metre to Starboard of the buoy.

The surrounding waters are also shallow and it is suggested that in entering or exiting the creek that all vessels transit to or from the main channel along the shortest route (use channel marker 79 as a guide).


Boundary Creek