Holmes Creek

Holmes Creek is entered from the southern side of Rat Island. There is plenty of water to circumnavigate Rat Island, so the creek can be approached from either side of the island. The channel into Holmes Creek is marked by channel markers as there is shallow water on each side. As you enter the creek proper you will pass a set of channel markers very close together, and you need to turn to Port after these and the next set of markers will be found at what appears to be 90 degrees from the direction you were travelling.

 The creek is wide and navigable for a long way, but all the land is private property and is not accessible. There are also power lines which may preclude exploring the full length of the channel.

 As a destination nosing into the bank in the first km of the channel near the small trees is probably the best place. Once you reach all the farm buildings you have gone too far. This is a great place to get away from it all as you are most likely to have the whole creek to yourself. It is well protected and a very pretty place to spend a day or two.