Tuesday Working Group

The Tuesday Working Group are an active bunch of enthusiastic helpers who come along to GRYC each week to look after the club across a broad range of areas including marina maintenance, clubhouse maintenance and upkeep garden and grounds work and some general caretaking work including emptying the bottles and cans and keeping the fire and woodpile well stocked for club visitors. 

With their help we are able to keep the club in ship shape. 

Thank you Tuesday Working Group for all that you do.

Interested in TWG and COBWEB?

Click on the below link to see more information on how these two groups work together at GRYC.


Marina Maintenance Underway

Our marina remains well looked after by the Tuesday Working Group who have skills in wood work, rope splicing and everything in-between.

Trailer modifications for our Sailability Vessels

‘As Good as it Gets’ gets a 'tune up’ by Trevor and Jan' of the TWG  in readiness for the Sailability programme

‘New mooring lines ‘Made to order’’ by the TWG in action'

New safety ladder installed by TWG

The Tuesday Boys ( TWG)  Have given ’' As Good as it Gets’’ a major ‘’work out and overhaul’ in readiness for the Sailability  season.   The hull was re anti fouled,new floor boards fitted and the centre plate refitted . 

  The new sails donated through the 'Corinthian Freemason Lodge' have been re trimmed and fitted with full battens in the mainsail.