GRYC Membership 2018/19

Six classes of membership are available:

Senior $500
Veteran $290
Associate $170
Family (1 senior, 1 associate, juniors) $560
Student $100
Junior $50
Sailability $1 + $35 Activity Fee $36

Only Senior and Veteran Members have voting rights

GRYC membership automatically entitles you to Yachting Australia membershipOnly Senior members have voting rights.

If you would like any further information please contact the Club Manager on (08) 8555 2617. 

The total number of members is limited due to the licensing laws of South Australia and the policy of the Club. At present a limited number of vacancies exist. All applications in excess of any vacancies are placed in a waiting list and suitable applicants are admitted to membership in order of the receipt of their applications.

Written enquiries regarding membership application may be addressed to
The Secretary
GRYC, P.O.Box 321, Goolwa, SA 5214