Narrung is another off the beaten track destination at the entrance of The Narrows between Lake Alexandrina and Lake Albert. The best approach is right down the middle of the narrowing funnel into The Narrows, and yes it is shallow. Just before the car ferry is a jetty which forms the basis of this destination, however it is not the most boat-friendly jetty ever built and you may choose to nose into the reeds instead. As of late 2015 the jetty has been 'improved' and is now a safe mooring facility - see the photo below. A word of warning if sailing to Narrung from Goolwa - the approach along the shore of Lake Alexandrina is very shallow and you are advised to stay well off shore until able to make a starboard turn into Narrung. There is a channel marker out there to indicate just how far off the shore you need to keep, although is is still deep enough to sail a few hundred metres inside this marker.

Also be warned - there are almost always fishing nets out there on the lake on the way to Narrung. Sometimes more than one close together so that you have to thread your way around them. They are hard to see and have a string of small floats with possibly a little flag or a floating 20 litre drum at each end.

At Narrung is a grassed area, a toilet, a little beach, the ferry and not much else. For an afternoon stroll you can cross over on the ferry and climb to the top of the cliffs and visit the abandoned lighthouse. However, to put that all in perspective one of my best cruising experiences was at Narrung spending a balmy evening in front of a fire on the little beach nursing a bottle of something and talking to all the other boaties who were there.

Narrung is the entrance to The Narrows, a winding channel between Lake Akexandrina and Lake Albert. This channel is marked by a number of sporadically placed channel markers - just enough so you are unlikely to make a mistake in this area of confusing lagoons, entrances and waterways. Please note the shallowest part of the Narrows is at the very last red channel marker before you pass into Lake Albert. For any deep draft vessel enter and exit the channel close to this marker - it is less than 1000mm deep within a short distance on the seaward side.

Another word of warning... If sailing to Meningie, take a GPS way point at the last red channel marker when leaving the narrows. Meningie can be completely unprotected from certain wind directions, and if you need to make a run for Narrung and it is getting dark you could find yourself in a bit of bother trying to get back into the channel.